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SINCE 1974.

IT Support For Law Firms

Law Firm IT Support

WAMS is accustomed to the particular technological challenges faced in the legal industry. In order for your firm to evolve successfully, it is important that you have a reliable network ensuring that data stays secure and private. Equally as important is maximizing efficiency in your law firm, which means giving your team the time to concentrate on their work- not on the technology that makes it possible. WAMS specializes in concentrating on your technical infrastructure from a remote location, so that you can focus on the advancement of your firm.

Having a highly secure data network is absolutely essential for law firms, and with the proper IT support, you can find security in knowing that your confidential information is managed and backed up by reputable and skilled experts. With business costs higher than ever, it is becoming unrealistic for law firms to hire and maintain an in-house IT staff. This is especially true for small firms, or those just starting out. Traditional approaches to IT often requires businesses to operate under a break/fix model, which means that if there was a technical problem, it would be addressed, and then the IT staff would wait until the next problem arose. One at a time. These methods are outdated, costly, and carry with them risk. With our remote, Cloud based IT support you can rest assured that not just us, but you, have 24/7 access to your system. This enables all parties, especially our highly trained IT engineers, to monitor and address any potential issues before they become a major problem for your firm. You can expect to cut your current IT costs by 30%-50% with WAMS’ efficient and reliable remote management system, all while improving your network’s performance, and your business’ productivity.

In order to maintain optimal performance, your employees need access to their computer systems at any time. From streamlined legal research to the smooth retrieval of client files, when your IT systems are functioning at optimum capacity, your team is supported in doing their job to the best of their capacity. Crashes, glitches, bugs, and system fails can take costly time and effort, leaving projects at a standstill. Utilizing a professional and remote IT management support team enables law firms to maintain momentum and increase overall capital. While providing advanced remote solutions and support, WAMS helps maximize the return on your IT investment by reducing your costs and increasing your system’s uptime, allowing your business to be in center focus, where it belongs.

Don’t let technology issues become a setback. At WAMS, we understand the value of both your staffs time and your firm’s resources, and we recognize that without proper IT support, troubles can keep your team from meeting deadlines and increasing revenue. When you entrust your IT management to an expert company, you create the space for your staff to focus on what really matters: your clients and your bottom line.